cannabis devLarge crops of cannabis are being grown in houses across Keighley.
Thousands of illegal plants have been seized by police in recent months.Just this week, police announced three drug factories had been raided and three suspects arrested.
A Vietnamese male was arrested from an address on Devonshire Street, after a tip off.
Officers forced entry to the address and found more than 120 cannabis plants and over 300 cannabis seedlings.
Dang Van Phan, 28, is currently going through the court system charged with production of a controlled class B drug (cannabis) at 31 Devonshire Street.
A further two males were arrested on suspicion of production of cannabis at an address on Paget Street.
Officers located approximately 50 cannabis plants in the address and a large amount of cigarettes.

cannabis cigs
Both suspects have been released on police bail pending further enquiries.
Electric supply officials stumbled upon another drugs den this month on Halifax Road.
The power company workers found cannabis crops in the cellar and front bedroom of an unoccupied house on Halifax Road and informed Keighley police.
More than 30 plants were seized and later destroyed from the property.

Almost all Vietnamese cannabis cultivators in the UK are victims of a larger drugs operation. They are practically modern day slaves.

Should you have any concerns regarding possible drug dens contact the police on 101.
Enquiries are ongoing to locate the owner of the property on Halifax Road.

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