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bradford crownA couple of teens have appeared in court in relation to a spate of crimes in Oakworth and Haworth.

Billy Cameron and Timothy Baines, both 18, are jointly charged with eight offences; three attempted burglaries in Emmott Fold Farm, Haworth, and Hillside Avenue, one burglary in Bridge Street, Oakworth, theft from a vehicle, interfering with a BMW 1 Series, fraudulently using a stolen debit card and driving off without paying for petrol.
Bradford Magistrates’ Court heard all the offences were committed on 29 January.
Cameron, of Edensor Road, is also charged with causing grievous bodily harm to Corey Austick on 18 January and assaulting Conner Wilford on 20 January.
Together with Baines, of Agnes Street, Cameron was remanded in custody to next appear before Bradford Crown Court on 1 March.

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