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incineratorCampaigners fighting the building of a waste to energy incinerator at Marley have suffered a legal defeat.
A judge has rejected a claim by Aire Valley Against Incineration (AVAI) that allowing the power plant to be built was unlawful.But (AVAI) have not not given up the battle.
AVAI stated:”Today the High Court of Justice dismissed our Judicial Review which challenged the granting of planning permission for the Marley Incinerator.
“The Hon Mr Justice Kerr stated he could not find a legal flaw in the granting of the planning permission by Bradford Council.
“Aire Valley Against Incineration is extremely disappointed with this decision.
“However, we are well prepared for this outcome and are ready to move onto the next stage of the campaign which is to challenge any application for an “Environmental Permit to operate the incinerator.
“All the work we have done to date gives us great confidence that we are well placed to fight that battle.”

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