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emma warren mcnultyA family has been hounded out of house and home by a nuisance neighbour and his noisy dogs.
Warren and Emma McNulty (pictured above) have abandoned their property on Rose Meadows, Fell Lane, after a systematic campaign of anti-social behaviour.
The hard working couple have suffered vile abuse, death threats, vandalism and harassment after complaining about the endless barking from four dogs.
Service engineer Warren and Emma, both 42, are now living at her parent’s home after being driven from the home they have lived in with their two daughters since August 2002.
They had sold their house, but the sale fell through, because of the actions of next door’s residents.

McNulty house
Windows have been put through, cars damaged, garden furniture destroyed, their doors have been egged, concrete and cream thrown onto their patio, and they have been verbally attacked.
Warren fitted CCTV and has caught his tormentors trespassing on his property and also captured his car being rammed and its windows smashed.

“It used to be a nice quiet street, the kids loved playing outside and we got on with all the neighbours,” said Emma.
But in the summer of 2016 a new tenant began using the garden next door as a kennel for his two Cane Corsos.
“They were outside 24 hours a day, constantly barking. The owner would turn up at any time to feed and water them, but they never went on walks,” said Emma.
“There was a dreadful smell, there was dog muck and flies everywhere.
“One of the dogs had faeces all over its fur and the other had an eye infection.”
Eventually the dogs’ owner moved in next door with his girlfriend and a young child - and brought two more dogs, which he also stuck in the back garden.
By October Warren and Emma, along with other neighbours, were sick of the barking.
The couple contacted Bradford Council’s Environmental Health Department about the barking and were told to keep a ‘noise diary’.
But when their neighbours learned of the noise complaint they unleashed a tirade of abuse and he shouted ‘I will make as much f**king noise as I want and you can’t do anything about it’.
The barking continued over winter and the couple added to the cacophony by purposely playing loud dance music and stomping up and down the stairs.
On 7 May, last year, after the couple had been formally contacted by Environmental Health, the male threatened violence against the McNulty’s 17 year old daughter and shouted at Warren ‘I’m going to kill you’ and began to punch their door.
The police were called, the female was cautioned and the male was later found guilty of threatening behaviour at Bradford Magistrates’ Court.
At their wits end, the McNultys put their house on the market and it sold within a week. But the sale fell through because they had to declare problems with their neighbours.
Warren fitted CCTV and on 15 May it captured two males smashing their living room window and Ford Fiesta windscreen with rocks.
On 16 May the couple left the house ‘for out own safety’ and have not slept their since.

McNulty smash
The McNulty’s house has been egged and their neighbours have amassed piles of junk and dog mess outside their own house - causing an eyesore on an otherwise respectable and well maintained street.
“It has been a nightmare,” said Emma:”We have been driven out of our family home by a couple who have targeted us because we politely asked them to control their dogs.”
In January cement was thrown at their French doors and decking, which was also splattered with thick cream, there was smashed glass on their garden furniture and and a soiled nappy had been tossed over.
On 9 January they captured on CCTV a white van ramming their car and more recently their living room window has been smashed again and garden furniture has been destroyed.
Keighley West Councillor Cath Bacon is aware of the problem and has hand delivered letters to Rose Meadow residents regarding anti social behaviour.

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