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Yorkshire cat rescueUnwanted Keighley cats are been sent to London as pets for the city dwellers.
Northern moggies are increasingly considered the ideal pet for Londoners because they fit in well with modern urban lifestyles.In the capital, their popularity is such that Battersea Dogs and Cats home is taking in unwanted animals from Yorkshire Cat Rescue, based in Cross Roads, where there is not enough demand to rehouse them.
Yorkshire Cat Rescue is sending a group of unwanted cats every month down to London, where they are quickly rehoused, as it struggles to cope with a "huge" number of abandoned animals.
Rob Young, the head of catteries at Battersea, said the pets were increasingly popular in London.
"More and more people are coming to our rescue centre in search of their new feline friend and we're finding that we don't always have enough cats to meet demand," he said.
"While it's not true for all cats, many moggies are happy to be left for periods of time and many potential pet owners are choosing cats because they fit in well with the city lifestyle."
The collaboration began when Sara Atkinson, the founder of Yorkshire Cat Rescue, met a representative from Battersea at an industry event.
Sara said: "Battersea has lots of people waiting to adopt cats; we have lots of cats waiting to be adopted. It seemed like a fantastic opportunity to help both people and cats."
The idea was tested with a group of 10 cats, which were taken to Battersea and all successfully rehoused within a fortnight. Last year, 117 cats were transferred to London under the scheme.
To donate to Yorkshire Cat Rescue https://yorkshirecatrescue.org/Appeal/donate

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