ethel streetCops raided a heated cannabis farm after spotting the roof of the terraced house was the only one not covered in snow.
The drugs factory growing more than 280 plants was such a high temperature and smelled so strongly of weed that officers easily identified the property.
Even before the snow, neighbours had become suspicious because of the comings and goings of two Eastern European men, the tell-tale aroma and the heat coming through the walls.
Police raided the stone-built terrace, in Beechcliffe, as the ‘Beast from the East’ was still dumping huge loads of snow across the country.
PC Caroline Foster tweeted:”Whilst the snow has kept the burglars at bay it has also helped us in finding some rather large plants..
hmmm I wonder why there is no snow on your roof??
280+ plants seized from an address in Keighley today, some nearly 6ft tall.”
The plants, with an estimated street value of £80,000 were taken away by officers, but the heating equipment was left.

Ethel street weed
Neighbour Vicky Watson, 44, said:”Two Eastern European blokes, in their 30s, moved in about 18 months ago.
“In the cold weather my house is normally freezing because the insulation is rubbish, but since they moved in next door my bathroom has been absolutely red hot. The wall was warm to touch.
“It was suspicious, you could hear fans whirring but no normal sounds of people living there.
“They were two blokes with no kids. We thought they were gay.”
Another neighbour said:”Over the last few days the smell has got pretty strong and after the snow kept thawing on their roof, you just knew they were growing cannabis.
“Well done for the police turning out on such a freezing cold day to take those drugs off the streets.
“Now those cannabis farmers have lost their crop I dread to think how they are going to afford their leccy bill.”

Anyone who has information about drugs in Keighley is asked to contact the Keighley NPT on 101 or the independent Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555 111.

 (The photo shows the house after police turned off the heating and there was further snowfall and strong winds)

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