louis tomlinsonKeighley’s top cop has backed his bobbies’ Twittering after One Director star Louis Tomlinson blasted a local PCSO for Tweeting about a drugs bust.
PCSO Sam Hollings tweeted about eagle-eyed officers finding a cannabis farm down Beechliffe after spotting the terrace had no snow on its roof.

As some Twitter users bashed the article when it was shared online, officer Hollings used his personal social media account to call them 'whingers.'
"Lets be very clear. It's illegal, it funds organised crime, and having a bit of a whinge on Twitter won't stop the police enforcing the law," he tweeted.
"I take it all these comments are from campaigners and political and social reformists? No? Just having a whinge then."
Tomlinson then waded into the debate and said police officers should not be 'venting' online.
"Help me understand why individual police officers need their own Twitter?" he asked.
"Surely as law enforcement you should be rising above ‘venting’ to your followers. All this does is cause arguments between people online and the police," Tomlinson tweeted.
The singer, from Doncaster, then added: "I’m honestly looking for an answer to the question. Goes without saying the work the English police do is incredible but why the need for individual twitters ?"
Hollings then replied to the star, who has a 32 million strong following: "Because engagement breaks down barriers, more often than not it lets people feel the police are the people, not just anonymous uniforms.”
And it seems the people of Keighley welcome the regular crime fighting tweets from police officers with a poll currently showing 86 per cent backing the social media updates.

Khalid Khan
Insp Khalid Khan, head of Keighley police, stated:“Everyone is entitled to an opinion, however we are answerable to the communities of Keighley. Our communities are telling us to tackle the menace of drugs. We are listening and acting. What better way to keep them updated than social media.”

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