Long Lee PrimaryLong Lee Primary School has been praised as being good in all areas, in a recent Ofsted report.

The leadership and management; teaching and learning; personal development; behaviour and welfare of pupils; the school’s results and early years provision at Long Lee Primary have all been rated as good by inspectors from being judged as requiring improvement two years ago.

Long Lee Primary is part of a federation with Ingrow Primary School.

Ofsted said that senior leaders at the school have high expectations and that staff are clear about these ambitions and support them well.  It acknowledged the positive impact of the sharing of good practice, across the federation, on teaching and leadership.

Ofsted also reported that Bradford Council and the federation have made a good contribution to the improvements achieved since Long Lee Primary School was last inspected.  

The report highlights teachers’ skilful questioning which helps to provide a good understanding of what pupils are learning.   It also praises the work of teaching assistants at Long Lee in supporting pupils’ phonics work and helping them learn to read.

The school’s tracking of pupils’ progress is said to effectively prevent children from underachieving.  As a result pupils make good progress in a range of subjects including reading, writing and maths.

Children settle in quickly in the early years provision and make good progress there because of the good teaching and leadership. Governors have an excellent understanding of the school. They make sure pupils are achieving well and hold leaders to account for their work.

Inspectors say the school uses its funding for disadvantaged pupils and those with special educational needs effectively.  The report also praises the school’s leaders for ensuring the curriculum makes a good contribution to pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. It also celebrated the high-quality safeguarding systems that are in place to keep pupils, including those in the Silver Birch Hub, safe and protected from harm.

Angela Vinnicombe, the Strategic Leader of Ingrow and Long Lee Federation said: “We are thrilled with this inspection report which shows the huge progress Long Lee Primary School has made.We could not be any more proud of the children, staff, governors and parents for the commitment they demonstrated to Long Lee during the inspection.”

Coun Imran Khan, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Education, Employment and Skills said: “This is a very positive report which reflects very well on everyone connected to the school. It highlights the strong and effective leadership of safeguarding, teaching and learning that is firmly in place at the school. It is great to see the recognition of all the hard work that has gone in delivering improvements at the school.” 

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