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oakworth juniors litterVicious yobs have littered children’s football pitches with broken glass, upturned scissors and syringes in a vile bid to injure kids.
Drunken and drug taking youths planted scissors blades and syringe needles sticking out of the ground on the fields used by Oakworth Juniors.
And over the Bank Holiday weekend the mindless vandals discarded bottles, cans, plastics and traffic cones.
About 50 teens congregated on the six Bronte Playing Fields football pitches during the hot weather, where they were drinking booze and taking drugs.

oakworth junior scissors
Police and Bradford Council, who owns the football pitches, have been informed.
The facilities are used by Oakworth Juniors FC - age range five to 17 - and the club’s committee is convinced the blades and syringes were planted maliciously to maim the sporty youngsters.
The litter and sharp items where discovered on Bank Holiday Monday and have been removed.
Oakworth Juniours committee member and coach Roberto De Matteis, 45, said:”The upturned scissors, syringes and broken bottles could have seriously injured a kid.

oakworth juniour bottle
“I think it is disgusting and has been done with the intent of causing harm to a young child, who only wants to play football.”
The litter was easy to spot when parents attended on Monday, but the scissors, glass shards and used needles where hidden in the grass.

Anyone with information can contact Keighley Police by dialling 101.


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