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Police are investigating a possible attempted abduction of a 12 year old boy in Crosshills.
Shortly after 4pm yesterday, 22 May 2018, a van pulled up alongside the schoolboy, who was walking alone on Keighley Road in Crosshills.
The van is described as a white van, smaller than a transit van. There were two men in the van, both white men aged in their fifties. One man had a beard and the other was wearing glasses and had stubble.
The man in the passenger seat got out the van and started to approach the boy, and the driver shouted something at the boy. The boy ran away towards his home, in the direction of Aire Crescent, Crosshills.
These incidents are rare and officers are thoroughly investigating the incident as the motives of the men are not yet known.
Police are asking for anyone who may have witnessed the incident or who saw anything suspicious in the area at around 4pm on Tuesday 22nd of May to get in touch.
Anyone with any information is asked to contact North Yorkshire Police. Dial 101, press 1 and pass information to the Force Control Room.
If you wish to remain anonymous, you can pass information to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
Please quote reference 378 of 22 May when passing on information.
This incident has not been linked at this time to a similar report in Threshfield on 10th of May.
Although incidents like this are rare, parents are advised to reiterate stranger danger advice to their children:
Never go anywhere with a stranger
Never take things from a stranger
Never get in a car with a stranger
Never go off on your own

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