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Louis BottomleyA Harden lad has learned his periodic table by cheerleading.
Louis Bottomley, eleven, was struggling to remember the chemical elements.
So he combined his talent for memorising his Team X Treme dance routines with committing the periodic table to memory.
Louis, from Harden, and fellow Team X Treme dancer Dolly Westfall, eight, from Keighley, will be heading to Wales next month to compete against thousands of other cheerleaders.
Louis has been cheering with his squad Team Xtreme since 2017 and has already been to Chicago to represent England in the US cheerleading finals.
Dolly, who is often the youngest in her cheer teams has been cheerleading since she was six, and said:“ I love cheerleading as it is great fun and has given me the chance to make lots of new friends and it is something that anybody can get involved with.”
Team X Treme will be heading to Pontins, Prestatyn, to compete in a cheer competition in July.
It will be the second time that Dolly has taken part in The Incredibly Cool Events (ICE) Championships.  Last year Dolly and Team X Treme  came First and became Grand Champs  and are hoping for similar success this year.
Louis said: “My mum thinks that having to learn all those cheer routines has helped with my concentration and memory, and I think she is right. When I was struggling with my periodic table I thought if I combined it with something that I love I might find it easier and it worked.
“I love cheerleading and I particularly love the ICE comps as they are such fun. I really enjoy the dance offs and having the chance to make new friends from other schools. It was through ICE that I was able to go to America and compete as me and my team won a bid from ICE as we won our category and then also won grand champions as we were the highest scoring team of the competition. So far, our team is undefeated.
“Before I got involved with cheerleading I liked acting, gymnastics and dance and cheer brings all these things together.”

Dolly Trophy
Dolly’s mum Donna said “Not only has Dolly made lots of new friends but so have we as a family, we have made new friends too.  Not only is cheering great exercise and a brilliant way to meet new people I also think it also teaches those who do it about teamwork, respect, kindness and how to look out for each other.”
This is the second year that ICE has held their championships and workshops at Pontins. Kim Mason, Director of ICE said: “At Incredibly Cool Events we combine a competitive spirit with competition opportunities that are affordable and inclusive. We welcome everyone regardless of ability or competitive experience, and pride ourselves on delivering a friendly and fun atmosphere at our events.  We are really looking forward to the event at Prestatyn where there will be competitions and cheerleading workshops run by our amazing coaches and can’t wait to welcome Dolly and her team.
“Maybe Louis will even be able to teach us all the periodic table.

The ICE Championships and Workshops will take place at Pontins, Prestatyn will take place on 13th, 14th and 15th July.  For more information visit www.incrediblycoolevents.co.uk

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