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A gunman roped in his parents to burn his victim’s body which he had dumped on moorland, a court heard.
James Sutcliffe, 29, was in jail charged with the murder of Tyron Charles, 29, when his mum and dad came to visit.

But police had bugged the visiting room in Hull Prison and secretly recorded Sutcliffe telling his parents Kevin and Janet:”I blew his f**king head off, it was f**king ace.”

He then explained how he had dumped Tyron’s body on Oxenhope Moor and gave them directions to retrieve it and burn the remains.
The trio – James, Kevin, 60, and Janet, 62 – sat in the dock at Bradford Crown Court as prosecutor Nicholas Lumley QC told the jury that Tyron was murdered on 6 September, last year.
The Sutcliffes, of Hill Crest Road, Denholme, owned a small holding land off Foster Park View, on which James had a shipping container.
On the afternoon of 6 September Tyron and his drug dealer friend Adrian Williams visited Sutcliffe to enforce a debt he owed, the court heard.
Mr Williams drove away leaving Tyron alone with Sutcliffe.
Mr Lumley told the jury that Sutcliffe blasted Tyron with a shotgun in the shipping container. He then placed the body in two builders sacks and drove it to an isolated spot on Nab Water Lane, on Oxenhope Moor and dumped his remains in boggy land over a dry stone wall.
Sutcliffe also destroyed both of Tyron’s mobile phones, the jury heard.
Tyron’s concerned family reported him missing when he failed to return home and was not answering his phones.
After Mr Williams told police about their visit to the small holding Sutcliffe was questioned on suspicion of kidnap, but denied any knowledge of Tyron’s whereabouts.
But after forensic teams found traces of blood in the shipping container that matched Tyron’s DNA Sutcliffe was arrested on suspicion of murder on 17 September and eventually charged and remanded into custody at HMP Hull.
During a visit from his parents Sutcliffe was secretly recorded telling them where he had dumped Tyron’s body and the route he had taken from their house.
Mr Lumley said the three spoke of moving the body to a better spot or destroying it completely by fire. In hatching the plot they warned each other to be careful.
Without the covert recordings locating Tyron’s body on the vast moorland would have been like ‘looking for a needle in a haystack’, said Mr Lumley.
Sutcliffe also bragged to his parents about shooting Tyron in the head, and relishing in the killing.
When police recovered Tyron’s body in October his face was full of gun shot.
Richard Wright QC, representing Sutcliffe, addressed the jury to give the defence’s side of the story.
Mr Wright said Adrian Williams, a drug dealer, who enforces debts with the threat of violence, accidentally shot Tyron and then asked Sutcliffe to dispose of the body and play along that he was missing.
All three deny conspiracy to pervert the course of justice between 6 September and 18 December, last year.
James Sutcliffe denies murder.
The trial continues.


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