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Kildwick ambulance 1A driver has been arrested after he crashed an ambulance and into a level crossing.
The suspect took the old emergency vehicle in Settle and was being pursued by police cars and a helicopter when he tried to jump the barriers at Kildwick Level Crossing.
He fled the ambulance on foot and was arrested shortly afterwards in Cross Hills.
Train services on the Airedale line have been seriously disrupted following the crash.

Kildwick ambulance 2
Police informed locals living near the incident that the driver had done ‘something bad’ in Settle and had then taken the ambulance.
The Kildwick crash happened shortly after 5pm following the theft in Settle some time earlier.
Peter Stoney, 21, said:”The ambulance had been stolen and was in a police chase.
“ As he approached the level crossing the barriers were either down or coming down and he tried to get across.
“But he has lost control and hit the the side.”
The ambulance windscreen was cracked and it came to rest on the Skipton-bound train tracks.
“The lad has then run off and has been arrested,” added Peter.

Local resident James Waring, 25, said:”I was sat inside watching TV when I heard a helicopter and I ran outside to see what was going on.
“I saw a police car at the other side of the level crossing and the ambulance on the tracks behind the barrier.
“I heard that a guy had jumped out of the ambulance and run into the estate.
“The police told me he had ‘done something bad’ in Settle.”

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