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Dean BegleyA persistent beggar has been handed a five year criminal behaviour order.
Dean Begley, 32, a regularly face around Keighley, has been banned from asking for money, booze and cigarettes until 22 July 2023.
Neither must Begley ask strangers for any other items within the Bradford District Council area unless it is part of a contract of employment, a legitimate benefit claim, a retail purchase or banking transaction.
He must not sleep or loiter in an area accessible to members of the public with any item or article which would give another person the impression that he is either homeless or begging; such as a cup, hat, quilt, sleeping bag, or sign.
Begley is barred from trying to enter premises which he has already been issued with an exclusion letter - including, but not limited to; Sainsbury’s, Asda, Aldi and B & Q. That includes the adjacent land and car parks of the premises.

If you wish to assist individuals rather than giving money please see other ways to give via https://www.facebook.com/BradfordCaresForum/?fref=mentions

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