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Sean McNulty A Keighley gardener will be a VIP guest at a special lunch to mark 25 years of the Bradford District Credit Union.
Lord Mayor of Bradford, Coun Zafar Ali, will commemorate Bradford District Credit Union’s silver anniversary with a special lunch at Bradford’s City Hall on Wednesday, 8 August.
Invited guests, including long-standing Credit Union members, supporters, and past and present board members and staff, will enjoy a delightful City-Hall-prepared lunch with the Lord Mayor.

There will be speeches and presentations to celebrate the long history of making a difference to people’s lives, by helping them manage their finances in an affordable and supported way.
The Credit Union’s longest standing member, Sean McNulty, who was the first individual to join, will attend the lunch as a VIP guest. He will talk about how being a member has helped him through the most difficult and joyful times of his life, from helping him save up for a family holiday when his children were small, to helping him feel financially secure during a worrying time of serious family illness, and even providing a loan to treat his mum for her 70th birthday.

Mr McNulty joined the Credit Union in 1993 when he was a gardener at Cliffe Castle in Keighley, encouraged by his trade union, which recognised the potential for the Credit Union help to staff. He is still a member of Bradford Council staff, with an impressive 30 years’ service under his belt, and continues to work at Cliffe Castle, now as a supervisor.
Credit Union Chair, Julian O’Neil, will give a speech at the event.

Guests will also watch a short video about Sherida, another VIP guest, a single mum who has been greatly helped by the Bradford District Credit Union.
The Credit Union was launched by Bradford Council in 1993, in response to difficult financial times, to help staff save and borrow from their Council pay packet. It has since become an independent ethical savings and loans co-operative, open to anyone who lives or works in the district. It still has very strong ties with the Council, being headquartered in City Hall and counting a large number of Council staff amongst its 6,500 strong membership. The Credit Union is very much a people-orientated financial company, with 50% of members saving via their company payroll, whilst 25% are people who could not otherwise get accounts or lending elsewhere. It offers affordable, accessible loans, and ethical savings which benefit society and are even ‘faith-friendly’ – as members receive a dividend rather than interest on their savings.  
The Lord Mayor of Bradford, Coun Zafar Ali, said: “I am very proud to celebrate this long-lasting partnership between Bradford Council and Bradford District Credit Union. Thanks to the Council’s progressive thinking, some 25 years ago, and our great partnership with the Credit Union over the past two and a half decades, thousands of people have benefitted from manageable savings schemes and affordable loans. Happy anniversary to the Credit Union; long may your great work continue!”
Sean McNulty, the Credit Union’s longest standing member, said: “I’ve saved a lot during the good times, paying for holidays for the family, with affordable subs out of my weekly wage packet. In the harder times, when I have needed to take loans, they were always simple to repay. I am grateful to Bradford Council for setting up the Credit Union and I’m so glad my union, Unison, encouraged us to sign up. Joining the Credit Union was the right thing to do for my family - it has always been there for me.”
For more information about joining the Credit Union, please visit their website: https://www.bdcu.co.uk/

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