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Gabriella di CristafaroA trainee accountant who bit a police officer twice on the arm has been fined.
Gabriella di Cristafaro, 24, sank her teeth into the PC when he attempted to quell a row she was having with her father in the street, Bradford Magistrates’ Court heard.
Prosecutor Shamaila Qureshi told the court that two police officers were called to Bradford Road on 7 July to a report of a male and female fighting in a domestic incident.
When the officers arrived Cristafaro began to walk away and one of the PCs grabbed her arm and she said ‘I will bite you’, he let go.

But the other officer came to assist his colleague and she shouted at him ‘get the f**k off me’ and then she bit him on the right forearm.
Ms Qureshi told the court that the defendant bit him again before she was wrestled to the ground to control her.
She was arrested and said, in a police interview, that she had a personality disorder and didn’t like people she did not know touching her.
Cristafaro, of Shann Avenue, pleaded guilty to assaulting a police constable in the execution of his duty.
Mitigating Keith Blackwell said his client had been having a dispute with her father in the street, which was animated and vocal.
Cristafaro had been drinking, but she was not drunk, said Mr Blackwell.
Police arrived with a view to quell the situation and restore order, but she walked away from the scene because she is wary of other people.
Mr Blackwell said his client was of a ‘brittle and fragile state’ at the time and she is ‘deeply ashamed’ of her actions.
He said she is undergoing Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for her personalty disorder.
Magistrate chair Dr Celia Hickson fined Cristafaro £125 and ordered her to pay a £30 surcharge and £85 costs - a total of £240.

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