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Antony Mark CameronA prolific burglar with a record for targeting pubs has been jailed again after a brave landlord chased him out of his Denholme premises.
Publican Sean Garvey was woken in the early hours of February 23 when repeat offender Antony Cameron forced his way into the New Inn after using a screwdriver to prise open a window.
Prosecutor Abdul Shakoor told Bradford Crown Court that Cameron, 36, went upstairs into the living quarters of the pub, but his footsteps disturbed Mr Garvey and he jumped out of bed.
During a confrontation Cameron tried to scare off the complainant by claiming:"I've got a knife".
But Mr Garvey immediately responded by telling him:"I've got a gun. Get out of my pub."
Cameron was pursued by Mr Garvey as he fled the scene and as he drove away in a car the landlord threw a metal bar at the windscreen causing it to smash.
The court heard that a small black torch was later recovered and Cameron's DNA was found on it.
Cameron, of Lymington Drive, Holmewood, Bradford, was not arrested in relation to that burglary with intent offence until after he had broken into another pub on March 4.
After forcing his way into the Hand and Shuttle premises in Tong Street, Bradford, Cameron managed to prise open gaming machines and stole more than £1500 in cash.
Mr Shakoor said Cameron was linked to that burglary by footwear marks found at the scene.
In a victim impact statement Mr Garvey said the confrontation in the dark had left him in shock and he felt violated by someone getting into his home.
The court heard that Cameron, who pleaded guilty to the two burglary matters, had been jailed for five years in March 2013 for a spate of crimes involving pubs and clubs across the district and he was still on prison licence when he committed the latest break-ins.
Jailing Cameron again for three years the Recorder of Bradford Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC said Mr Garvey was a brave man and deserved respect for that.
The judge said he had no doubt that Cameron committed the offences to get cash to satisfy his craving for drugs.

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