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cenotaphCCTV may be fitted in the Town Hall Square after mindless vandals damaged the cenotaph.
Thugs clambered onto the War Memorial and bent the bayonet on the statue of the soldier’s rifle.
The yobs also ripped up plants from the flower beds and scattered them in the square.
It is thought the vandalism occurred over Sunday night as the wonky blade (pictured above) was first reported to Keighley Town Council on Monday.

To bend the bronze bayonet the thugs had to clamber over the perimeter fencing and scale the stone plinth and climb onto the base of the solid statue of the brave Tommy - so it was no accident!
Keighley Armed Forces Association (KAFA) founder Andy Spence has straightened the bent bayonet, but the vandalism will have weakened the integrity of the bronze.

Coun Barry Thorne, who served with the Royal Navy and whose grandfather and father fought in the First and Second World Wars respectively, is appalled by the ‘mindless idiots’ who attacked the memorial to our fallen heroes.
“As a formal Royal Navy sailor I am sickened by this disrespect shown to men and women who fought to make us free,” said Coun Thorne.
“I struggle the hell to see what the vandals get out of it.
“It is indicative of the problems we are having in the Town Hall Square due to some idiots.”
But the town council does have a budget set aside to install CCTV in the Town Hall Square and Coun Thorne, together with John Kirby, chair of allotments and landscapes, will be pushing for security cameras to be installed.
Keighley’s cenotaph is a bronze and sandstone obelisk which commemorates those brave souls from the town who fought and died in the First World War (1914-1918) and Second World War (1939-1945).
A bronze victory figure stands atop the obelisk. At the sides are bronze figures of a sailor and soldier and a bronze plaque. It is Grade II listed structure.

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