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Hard Ings roundaboutA £9.8m congestion-busting traffic improvement project in Keighley will deliver significant journey time savings, according to a report.
Bradford Council’s Executive Report predicts the Hard Ings Improvement Scheme which extends between Beechcliffe and Bradford Road roundabouts, will deliver much better traffic flows, reduced congestion and considerably shorter journey times.
In the year following the opening of the scheme, it is estimated 39,000 hours of travel time will be saved across the morning and evening peak periods.
Peak westbound journey times between the A629 and A650 are estimated to improve by 18 per cent on weekday mornings and 31 per cent in the evenings. Eastbound journeys are expected to reduce by 10 per cent on peak weekday mornings and a whopping 70 per cent in evenings after the project opens in 2020.
The new scheme features two lanes in each direction, additional traffic signals to make junctions more efficient, and safer pedestrian and cycle ways and crossings.
Residents and motorists can look forward to better air quality and a more attractive road with additional trees and green spaces.
The improvements will open up new opportunities for commercial and housing developments in the area. 
The A650 Hard Ings Road carries large volumes of traffic with over 34,000 vehicles using it on a typical weekday. It is a key commuter route carrying traffic from Keighley, Skipton and East Lancashire through Airedale to and from Leeds and Bradford.
The project is set to begin in April 2019 and will take 12 months to complete.
The Hard Ings Road Improvement Scheme is part of a programme of traffic measures being delivered through the WYCA West Yorkshire Plus Transport Fund.
Coun Alex Ross-Shaw, Portfolio Holder for Regeneration, Planning and Transport, said: “Better roads deliver significant benefits and the Hard Ings project is no exception.
“This scheme not only delivers much shorter journey times, it improves road safety, air quality, sustainable transport and will give a boost to the local economy.
“Reducing congestion is vital to unlocking our growth potential but it can also deliver better to air quality too.
“We always look at opportunities to make environmental improvements on our projects and Hard Ings will feature better facilities for pedestrians and cyclists and more trees along the route as a result of this work.”

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