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michael VICKERSA dangerous driver who rammed another motorist off the road and then fled the country using another man’s passport has been jailed for 27 months.
Michael Vickers, 35, also spat in the face of a police officer after he was found hiding in his ex partner’s loft, a court heard.
Bradford Crown Court heard much of Vickers’ catalogue of offending stemmed from a feud with another family over dog breeding.
But he also breached non molestation orders against his former girlfriend has perverted the course of justice and had racially harassed an Asian man in the street.
Prosecutor David Hall told the court that on 9 January, last year, Vickers, together with his 18-year-old son Shane, carried out a racially aggravated attack on Nasir Khan.
Shane attacked Mr Khan with a spade and shouted racist remarks at him as Vickers backed him up. Shane has already been given a community order for that offence.
Vickers was subject to a non molestation order against a former partner and was banned from communicating with her, but he sent her three letters and offensive Snapchat messages, which caused her upset.
On 4 August, last year, police attended an address in Braithwaite Drive, where Vickers’ ex was living.
“He was found hiding in the loft. He said he was going to head butt the police officer and he was PAVA sprayed and he spat in an officer’s face,” said Mr Hall.
The court heard the Vickers family and the Enright family had an ongoing disagreement about dog breeding.
When Vickers spotted their son Wassem Bashir, 21, driving his silver Nissan Micra on Keighley Road, Oakworth, he followed him and used his van to ram him off the road.

michael vickers nissan micra
He was charged with dangerous driving, criminal damage and common assault but before a trial Vickers sent Mr Bashir intimidating Snapchat images designed to ‘put the wind up him’ and ‘nobble the witness’, said Mr Hall.
The feud continued and Vickers pulled up outside the home of David Enright, who lives on the seventh floor.
Mr Hall said:”It was night time and the complainant was looking out of the window. He saw a car and four men got out. One was the defendant, who looked up and eye contact was made.
“The defendant removed a stick or baton, which he pointed at Mr Enright and made a throat cutting gesture.”
Mr Enright called 999.
Vickers borrowed a friend’s passport and fled the country to Spain. He was arrested on 8 May when he returned to the UK from Alicante and has been in custody since then.
Mitigating for Vickers, Julian White, said his client’s offending was as a result of the ‘nasty’ dispute between his extended family and the Enright family and his view that police were only dealing with complaints against him and not acting on counter-allegations.
Vickers, of Shann Crescent, was sentenced for racially aggravated behaviour, failing to surrender to bail, four counts of breaching a non molestation order, assaulting a police officer, dangerous driving, perverting the course of justice, affray with a stick, and the passport offence.
Recorder of Bradford Jonathan Durham Hall QC told Vickers:”This court does not approve of feuds.”
The judge said Vickers had ‘quite a long record’ who has been in court with ‘depressing regularity’.
“Dangerous driving on our roads is not a private matter, it’s not waving a stick at someone,” said the judge.
Outside court Tamla Brown, 38, the mother of Wassem Bashir, felt Vickers should have been given a longer jail term.
“I’m really disappointed. I could have been burying my son that day,” she said.
Tamla said her son’s Micra (pictured) was a write off and he has been too scared to drive since.

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