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alan bingleyVeteran DJ Alan Bingley is still on air at 91 years old.
Young-at-heart Alan has been doing his dream job of radio presenting after almost two decades at the mike.
Despite his learning disabilities Alan, from Keighley,  plays a key role on Bradford-based Radio 119.
He has achieved his goal with the support of national learning disability charity Hft, and he was one of the first people supported by the charity to take to the station in 2001, which operates in partnership with Bradford community radio station BCB Radio.

The airwaves stalwart has carried out more than 460 interviews during his broadcasting stint and works in a group of ten people supported by the charity.
Together they research interviews based on topical news, issues and challenges relevant to people with learning disabilities for a show broadcast every fortnight. Interviews range from pop stars to inclusive health and leisure organisations. 

Thanks to his wide breadth of general knowledge and interest in current affairs, Alan is heavily involved in sourcing interviewees and researching and devising questions for the regular slot.
Alan frequently introduces the show and has also enjoyed interviewing several prominent people during his many years on the radio, including Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh.

Taking on the 12 mile journey from Keighley independently several times a week, Alan attends the station in the centre of Bradford to socialise with friends and take in local events with other Radio 119 team members.

Monday, 3 December, marked International Day of Persons with Disabilities. This year’s theme focused on empowering people with disabilities and ensuring inclusiveness and equality.
Reflecting on his own achievements, Alan said: “I’m proud to work on Radio 119, it’s my favourite thing. I love doing the show, especially meeting new people and seeing my co-workers every week. Introducing the show is always the highlight of my work on the radio.”

Sian Forse, Team Leader at an Hft Bradford service, said: “Since its inception in 2001, Radio 119 has always provided a brilliant opportunity for people supported by Hft to air their views and participate in all aspects of running a radio station.
“I’ve seen first-hand how dedicated and committed Alan is, and how interviewing and presenting on Radio 119 has given him a sense of purpose and boosted his confidence enormously.”

Hft currently supports more than 2,500 people with learning disabilities across the country. This includes supporting people with learning disabilities to live independently in their own homes, providing employment services to help people develop skills and experience for work and helping people to pursue hobbies, make new friends and get involved in their local communities.

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