James ReedJoker James Reed is 'gobsmacked' after his comedy song about Keighley has become a Youtube hit.

Carpet salesman James, 28, penned the tune and lyrics in less than one hour.

But already the video has had more than 4,000 views on the internet.

And James confessed he only bought the ukulele he strums on 'Keighley Town Comedy Song'earlier that day from Argos for just £20.

"I posted the clip on Youtube last night and went to bed," said James, who works at Springfield Carpets, Goulbourne Street.

"When I woke up this morning it had thousands of views. I am astounded and truly gobsmacked."

Dad-of-two James, who is married to Alison, 30, was born and raised in Keighley and attended Holy Family School, so feels qualified to cast a comically critical eye over the town.

"I have always been the class clown, and if you say it with a smile and in a comedy way, I think it is alright to poke the fun out of Keighley," he said.

"I have been playing the guitar for years though I never had any lessons.

"I had been listening to BBC Radio Leeds and there was this young lad playing the ukulele and I thought 'good on ya' lad'.

"So I thought I would like to try playing one and popped into Argos and picked one up for £20."

James tuned the ukulele by downloading an app.

"It was the easiest thing to do," he said.

"I wrote the lyrics to the song myself and the words just flowed, if I'm honest, once I'd got a couple of lines down.

"I wrote the lyrics and music on scrap paper in less than an hour; I wish I could say that I'd put in more effort."



James shared the video on Facebook for fun.

"My family thought it was a right laugh and convinced me to put it on Youtube so that other people could watch it as a bit of fun."

James is considering posting another comedy song called 'The Keighley Bachelor' which he has written but has not recorded as yet.

He said:"I don't mind being a bit of an idiot, if it makes people laugh – I like to make people laugh and I don't want to offend anybody.

"The Keighley Bachelor song contains references to so many things local people will recognise and relate to, such as meeting under the clock, and when fireworks go off and it's not Bonfire Night it means drugs have been delivered."




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