Malcolm SmithsonBar Bores - Malcolm Smithson banned for UFO chatterA drinker was barred from a pub for talking about UFOs, a court heard.

Jobless Malcolm Smithson, 30, had been banned from The Boltmakers Arms after irritating customers with his talk of flying saucers.

But when boozed-up Smithson returned to speak to the landlord he was accused of going into the ladies toilets and he began shouting and

Bearded Smithson, of Bracken Bank Crescent, Keighley, pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly in a public place on September 15
when he appeared before Bradford Magistrates’ Court today.

Prosecutor Tariq Bostan told the court that Smithson was spotted by an off-duty policeman at 7.45pm outside The Boltmakers Arms, on East Parade, being ejected by the landlord and another male.

“He was shouting and swearing,” said Mr Bostan.

“Mr Smithson had been asked to leave as he had already been barred for bad behaviour.”

He had become verbally aggressive and abusive to customers and had been ‘advised to go home’ by the off-duty officer.

But he attempted to barge past the officer and get to the landlord.

 ufo boltFlying saucer talk banned from Boltmakers Arms

“He was waving his arms around and was told to calm down, and again advised to go home,” said Mr Bostan.

“He then told the officer to’ f*$k off’ and tried to get to the landlord and the other male again.”

Smithson was eventually restrained to the ground, the court heard.

Magistrates heard Smithson, who is on benefits, had a previous conviction for being drunk and disorderly, dating back to August,
last year, for which he was given an absolute discharge.

Representing himself, Smithson apologised to the bench for his behaviour that evening.

But explained:”The issue about it was the previous time when I was barred.

“The landlord and another and other customers who wanted to get rid of me because I was talking about UFOs,” said Smithson.

“Basically, they didn’t like it and they accused me of going into the women’s toilets, which was not true.”

He said the allegation had been ‘bothering’ him for a few weeks and having been drinking elsewhere on September 15 he decided to confront the landlord.Boltmakers arms

“I was drunk and I did use threatening words and abusive words, but I was trying to get at the fact of what I was being accused of being potentially damaging to me and untrue, and I wanted a proper answer,” he told
the court.

“I apologise for using abusive language.”

Smithson was sentenced to a conditional discharge for six months.

He must also pay £150 criminal court charge, £85 prosecution costs and a £15 surcharge - £250 in total.

Chairwoman Alice Brett told him:”You have apologised for your behaviour on that day.

“It cannot have been nice for people passing by on that day.

“You wanted answers, but East Parade is a busy place and other people would not know what it was about.”

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