Manorlands thievesPair branded 'subhuman scum' after stealing from vehicles parked at Manorlands Hospice

Thieves are targeting people saying their final farewells to dying loved ones in Manorlands.

A despicable duo have been stealing from vehicles in the car park of the hospice.

Whilst anguished relatives visit their nearest and dearest at the Oxenhope hospice a pair of callous crooks are cruising the car park thieving.

The two men have been caught on CCTV and Manorlands has released the footage in a bid to snare the heartless villains.

Footage shows the men arriving at Manorlands at 9.06am, on Thursday, March 3.

They are in a silver coloured two-door Vauxhall. They cruise the rear car park before checking the doors of a workman’s van, and finding
it open steal keys and riffle through belongings.

It is a busy morning with nurses going to and fro, but the brazen crooks are unperturbed.

Later, at 9.27am they return to attempt to steal more, but are put off because the workman has now put his dog in the van.

A Manorlands worker said:”These two are the lowest of the low.

“They are preying on people spending the last few hours with those they love the most."


To donate to Manorlands, click on the link below:


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