homeless johnA well-known Keighley vagrant has been jailed for spitting in the face of a police community support officer.

‘Homeless John’ – real name John Graham – assaulted the PCSO when he was asked to leave the town centre.

Officers were responding to reports of persistent begging by John, 50, who is a familiar figure sat under a duvet and reading outside Bargain Booze, on Cavendish Street.

The PCSO sought medical treatment as John has Hepatitis C.

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John was jailed for eight weeks at Bradford Magistrates’ Court for assault.

A Keighley Police statement read:”A Keighley beggar has been jailed for 8 weeks for assaulting a police community support officer.

“Following reports of persistent begging, the PCSO was issuing the male with a direction to leave the town centre and the male deliberately spat in his face.

“The PCSO sought medical treatment due to the male having Hepatitis C and is back to full duties.”

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