Police are probing the death of a woman after her body was found this morning.

The female, aged in her 30s, was discovered at 7am on Bracken Bank Grove.

It is believed she was dressed in a tracksuit.

Her body, which was discovered in the pathway of an empty bungalow, has been covered by a tent for forensics officers to work behind a police cordon.

Locals say the body was found by a lady walking a dog.

Landlady of the Bracken Arms, Christine Berry, said there had been an 18th birthday party at the pub, last night, but the woman had not been a guest.

Christine said:”She was not dressed for a party. We have been told she was wearing a tracksuit.

“The party finished at 1am, way before the body was found this morning.”

Locals said police have been asking if they had seen a woman ‘running up and down’ last night.

Meanwhile, police are attending a property on nearby Crescent View. The female occupant of the house has gone missing, leaving her fire and lights on and the door wide open.

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