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Police have confirmed a body found in a beck this morning is that of missing Michael Kaine.

Fire engines and police attended the scene off Gresley Road, near the railway station, where a body was found in the water.

Michael, 36, was last seen around midnight on Friday 6 January when he left his home address in the Ingrow area.

The engineer and former amateur boxer is described as a white male, 5ft 6in, medium build, has short dark hair and a full beard. He was wearing blue bottoms, white trainers and a dark grey coat with a fur hood.

Police, family and friends have been conducting extensive searches and put out appeals on social media in a bid to locate Michael.

He had been last sighted outside Caeser's takeaway.

His wife Leasa was desperate to have Michael home for the first birthday of their son tomorrow.p

Officers were called to the rear of a commercial premises on Gresley Road, Keighley at about 11.40am today after the body of a man was seen in river water behind the location.

Police attended and recovered the body of a male.  Investigation work remains ongoing at the scene and is expected to continue into Monday.

Detective Inspector Craig McKay of Bradford CID, said: "Enquiries are ongoing into the discovery of a man's body in water off Gresley Road today.  The man found has now been identified as missing  Michael Kaine.

“A post mortem will take place to determine the circumstances of his death, but at this stage the death is not being treated as suspicious.

"Mr Kaines' family are aware of the development and are being supported by specially trained officers."


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