TEX damage

A businessman has offered a £1,000 reward to identify raiders who stole a large number of mobile phones from his store.

The ‘smash and grab’ burglars broke into TEX Ltd, on Hanover Street, in the early hours of this morning.

And as the alarm sounded the duo shattered three large glass display cabinets and filled a large sack with an assortment of mobiles, tablets and Apple watches.

Hard-working store owner Azeem Hussain, 31, has been left ‘gutted’ and is desperate to catch the crooks.

The pair forced entry into the back yard of TEX at 12.50am.

They then left the scene for about an hour before returning carrying a heavy metal grate cover, which they used to smash through the rear door – the whole raid is captured on external and internal CCTV.

Mr Hussain said:”The alarm was sounding and the men ran into the shop.

“It was a smash and grab raid. They broke into three cabinets full of mobile phones and filled a large sack. They were in and out in two minutes.”

Footage shows one of them was carrying a knife.

“He was obviously armed for protection,” added Mr Hussain, who has been grafting in Keighley since was 15 years old and built up his first company Game On before opening TEX Ltd two years ago.

Police responded to the alarm but arrived a couple of minutes after the raiders had fled.

The pair both covered up their faces with scarves and wore gloves. One wore a Russian style hat and the other a tracksuit and hoodie.

Mr Hussain said:”I’m feeling terrible and gutted at the moment, I’ve worked hard since I was a child.

“I work seven days a week and I have put my whole life into my shops.

“I’ve made it all by myself and over the 13 years I’ve had Game On I’ve never been handed anything.

“For them to take my hard earned stuff is heartbreaking.”

Mr Hussain is offering a £1,000 reward to anyone can identify the culprits.


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