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Police have criticised Braithwaite residents for failing to report motorcycle crime.

And one local even told cops he was on the side of the thieving yobs.

Shortly after 11am on Friday 27th January police were alerted to the anti-social use of a motorcycle on the Keighley estate.

An officer from the districts ASB bike team attended and commenced a search of the area on foot.

A short time later, he sighted the motorcycle being used by a group of around six males on a grassed area near Hill Top Walk and Whinfield Close.

The location made it difficult for the officer to intercept the group without the motorcycle making off

The group moved away while the officer was moving position so he began tracking them again, finally locating them on North Dean Road a short time later. As he moved in to intercept the bike with its rider, another member of the public happened across the group and also tried to intervene. This caused them to make off into the estate and the officer decided it was safer to secure the motorcycle to prevent any further illegal use. On examination it soon became clear that it was a stolen motorcycle, having been taken from Steeton overnight. It was quickly reunited with its owner and enquiries are ongoing into the incident.

PC Dave Hitchcocks said “Once again, this is another great result retrieving a stolen motorcycle so quickly.

“However, it’s disappointing to know that during the two hours it was being used around Braithwaite, only two local residents bothered to report it to police.

“There was even one passing motorist who declared himself to be on the side of the thieves even though he lived on the estate.

“Policing this kind of problem only works well if the community gets involved and reports this behaviour to us. We can act on anonymous information but it needs to be reported as soon as you spot something going on. Please help us to help you make the area a safer place for you and your children.”

Anyone with any knowledge of this or any other similar incidents in the area recently can contact their local Police officers or the ASB bike team with details. Please take action against these individuals by making your community a difficult place for them to be.

The team can be contacted on:
Non-emergency telephone No 101
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The illegal, dangerous or anti-social use of vehicles (along with dash cam footage) can be reported to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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