george parrotGeorge is a very talkative parrot

A pensioner is distraught after his talkative parrot flew away.
George the African grey escaped from home in Fell Lane when devoted owner Jack Sargeant, 87, opened the door to a visitor.
Now Jack and his son Paul are offering a £200 reward to get their beloved feathered friend home.
George has been a constant companion to Jack since his wife passed away, and the bird has been in the family for 24 years.
Jack, a retired wagon driver for Sun Street Printers, had George perched on his shoulder as he made a cup of tea for them both in the kitchen on Monday 6th February.
Son Paul, 47, said:”George likes tea as much as my dad and he was sat on his shoulder as he made a cup.
“But then there was a knock at the door and my dad answered without thinking and George just flew out.”
Since then Paul, a multi drop driver, has been walking the streets at night after in search of George.
“My dad is distressed. We’ve had George 24 years and to us he is like a missing child. My dad is 87 and he keeps him company when I’m at work,” said Paul.
“At this time of year the weather is against us. Cats and even other birds might attack him because of his colours.”
George is a constant talker, and his favourite phrases are ‘Hello’, ‘good night’, ‘cup of tea’, ‘bed time pally’, and is a real chatterbox.
Paul said:”He talks like a human. He's like a person with feathers.”
And appealing to the folk of Keighley, Paul added:”If you’re out in your garden or walking your dog keep an eye out in bushes and on rooftops for him. He is tame and doesn’t bite but I would advise to grab him with a towel. “
If you have any info call Paul on 07752873444

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