Shazad MahmoodChartered surveyor Shazad Mahmood died after sale of Parkwood flats

The property company behind the refurb of Parkwood flats has donated £3,600 to a youth centre in memory of the chartered surveyor who made the development possible.

Shazad Mahmood, of Eddisons, tragically passed away in December, last year, aged just 35 after handling the sale of Delph House and Leyland House to ALB Investments Ltd.

Now the company has handed over a range of gadgets to Keighley Young People's Centre, Parkwood Street.

ALB Investments Ltd, owned by Arran Bailey, has paid £1,308 for 24 young people to go to the Doe Park Activity Centre for a full day of activities. The cash will also cover the cost of transport and equipment.

Speaking on behalf of Shazad’s family, his sister Amrina Kauser, said: “The generosity and kindness of the gesture truly reflects Shaz's characteristics.

“Shaz was a true gentleman who left a positive impact on everyone he came across. He was dearly loved and respected by all and always went out of his way to help others.

“I speak on behalf of the family, his friends and colleagues and everyone who met him when I say he is and will always be truly sadly missed.”

The company has also donated £500 to pay for health and safety kits, to include first aid packs, torches, labelled jackets and T-shirts for volunteers, as well as other useful items to use when out on the streets with young people.

The company will also provide new IT equipment and 15 youngsters will be taken on a trip to the jump activity centre in Leeds.


Ciara Lelas, 18, a regular attender at the Keighley Young People's Centre, said: “This money will be extremely helpful. It will give local young people the opportunity to try new things and learn new skills. Not only will it benefit young people but also wider society, as they carry and share their skills throughout their lives.

“We are very thankful to ALB for kindly donating this money, and investing in the potential of us as young people.”

ALB presented the cheque, along with a blessing on February 6.

Arran Bailey, owner of ALB Investments, said: “Keighley has been good to us and we are looking for more opportunities business and charity wise in the local area of Keighley.”

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