Flying Scotsman

The legendary Flying Scotsman will be steaming from Oxenhope to Carlisle tomorrow.

As one of the first trains to travel along the Settle to Carlisle line since journeys were halted by a landslip more than a year ago – and times for the engine’s trip are below.

After heavy storms in late 2015 and early 2016, ground gave way at Armathwaite in Cumbria, meaning the line had to be close at Eden Brows on February 9 last year.

And now – after £23m in repairs – a normal Northern Rail service is due to resume on Friday. But the iconic steam train will also be taken on a special sell-out journey from Oxenhope to Carlisle on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway (KWVR), when fans will get the chance to see it pass through the route’s stations.

The timings are based on those given to the KWVR by West Coast Railways and Network Rail and are not guaranteed.

The pick-up times for ticket-holders are: Oxenhope at 8.30am, Haworth at 08.35am, Keighley 9.15am and Skipton at 9.45am.

Flying Scotsman will then pass through the following stations: Hellifield at 10.08am, then departing at 10.45am, Settle Junction at 10.53am, Horton-in-Ribblesdale at 11.11am, Ribblehead at 11.23am, Garsdale at 11.38am, Kirkby Stephen at 11.51am.It then arrives at Appleby at 12.04pm and departs at 12.23pm, before passing Lazonby at 12.41pm and Carlisle at 1.05pm.

The locomotive will then return, with approximate times below -Departing from Carlisle at 3.35pm, it can be seen at Lazonby at 4.02pm, before arriving at Appleby at 4.24pm and departing at 4.43pm.It is then due to run through at Kirkby Stephen at 5.02pm, Garsdale at 5.14pm, Ribblehead at 5.28pm, Settle Junction at 5.42pm before arriving at Hellifield at 5.48pm and departing at 6.29pm.Arriving afterwards at Skipton at 6.44pm, it will depart at 7.06pm. During the final leg it is set to pass Keighley at 7.20pm, Haworth at 8pm and Oxenhope at 8.10pm.

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