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A known beggar who racially abused a Keighley Bus Station security officer returned to apologise, a court heard.

Allen Williams, 37, launched a vile barrage of racist insults at Mohammed Naheem as he served him with a banning order, Bradford Magistrates’ Court heard.

Dad-of-three Williams shouted ‘f*%k off you black bastard, go back to your own country’ as he was approached by Mr Naheem and two fellow security guards at 2.30pm on Friday, 20th January.

Prosecutor Paul Ramsay said Williams, of Keighley Road, Silsden, became immediately irate when served with the papers and verbally attacked Mr Naheem, causing him distress.

Mr Naheem stated:”The racial verbal abuse was because of my ethnicity and because of my colour.

“I was just doing my job. I wanted to go home afterwards because I was upset.”

Williams jumped on a bus home after the hate crime.

The court heard Williams had a lengthy history of 52 previous convictions for 102 offences, but not for racist behaviour.

In his police interview Williams was ‘extremely remorseful’ and told the officers:”When I got home I felt really awful.”

He went back the next day to apologise but Mr Naheem was on his day off, so he returned on Sunday to say sorry.

“I shook his hand and he said that he accepted my apology.”

The court heard Williams is on income support and has an artificial ankle. He is single following the death of his partner on Boxing Day, last year.

He was struggling to care for his three children at what had been a stressful period of his life, but had not been begging or asking for money at the bus station.

Williams pleaded guilty to racially aggravated harassment. He was fined £120, ordered to pay £50 compensation to Mr Nadeem and pay a £30 surcharge.

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