Airedale Hospital Theatres Open DayAiredale Hospital is opening its operating room doors to the public this weekend.

The theatres and endoscopy unit is allowing people to look behind the scenes at the ever popular Theatres Open Day.
There will be fun and education for the whole family and a chance to meet the people behind their masks on Saturday 13 May from 11am – 3pm.Find out how the body works using Sidney the skeleton, have a go at fixing broken bones and see how staff replace hip, knee and shoulder joints and use your skills to use a kit for practicing keyhole surgery during the event.
Visitors can also practice removing kidney stones and have a look inside the bladder of a hospital mannequin.
There will be information about breast surgery and reconstruction; how staff look after patients during surgery whilst they're under and what helps people to breathe during operations. Visit the health awareness corner to get measurements of your height, weight and BMI and find out how effective you are at washing your hands using a magic light box that displays germs.
Also available to visit on the day is the endoscopy unit where attractions include the chance to get dressed up in gowns and masks, using cameras to look inside a stomach, bowel, lungs and bladder as well as information stands from organisations such as the Crohn’s and Colitis society and the bowel cancer screening programme.
For anyone interested in working in the NHS, there will be careers information available.
Children can also have fun in the plaster cast corner, decorate the corridors with their hand print and dress up as a surgeon for the day.
Rachel Roberts, Patient Service Manager for Theatres, Critical Care and Anaesthetics at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, said: “This is a great opportunity to look behind-the-scenes and see how we perform operations by using surgical and camera equipment. We hope it will help to de-mystify some of the hospital procedures and reassure people who are apprehensive about coming in for operations.”
Everyone is welcome, just turn up on the day.

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