Bradford magsA mother woke to find her three-month-old baby dead beside her, an inquest heard.

Mohammed Abdus-Shafi normally slept in his Moses basket, but after he was unwell and ‘fussy and crying’ his mum Rukshana Begum put him into her bed.
The following morning she found his lifeless body - he died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

His dad Abdul Rob, a company director, of Scott Lane, Riddlesden, told Bradford Coroner’s Court that he and his wife were originally from Bangladesh and were married in 2006.
They had their first son Abdu-Sammad in October, 2013, and their youngest - known as Shafi - in May 2016.
Shafi was a healthy baby boy, who was breast fed and then moved on to the bottle, the inquest at Bradford Coroner’s Court heard.
Mr Rob said that on 19 August, last year, Shafi had not been himself and they gave him Calpol via a syringe.
He had then been put to bed next to his mum.
Mr Rob said Shafi was always a ‘hungry’ baby and wanted regular feeds, but the morning of 20 August was the first time he’d not been woken by his son’s crying.
The infant was warm but could not be roused and the parents called 999 for an ambulance.
Shafi was rushed to Airedale - where he’d been born just 13 weeks earlier - but despite the efforts of paramedics and doctors he could not be resuscitated.
Paediatric pathologist Dr Marta Cohen found Shafi had a kidney infection and a Vitamin D deficiency, but neither could have caused his death.
He had not been covered by a duvet nor a pillow and there was no evidence of overlaying by his mother.
Dr Cohen said:”I could not find what caused his death.”
Assistant Coroner Peter Merchant, recording a verdict of ‘natural causes’ said that Shafi ticked three of the risk factor boxes for SIDS - he was male, born prematurely, and was co-sleeping, which could lead to overheating.

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