John WilsonRev John Wilson accused of rape and sexual assaults at Keighley churchAssistant Pastor Laurence Peterson, 59, was also in the vestry as Rev Wilson started attempted to rid her of evil spirits.
A recorded police interview of the complainant was played to the jury, in which she said she had moved to the Keighley area with her younger sister when her parents died.
She said Rev Wilson told her:”Your dad spoke to me and is saying that I have to look after you.”
The witness, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, said:”I thought I could trust him.”
Rev Wilson started to say prayers over her and said:”Wherever the spirit is, I’m going to touch.”
She was wearing a cardigan, blouse and skirt and was lying down on the floor
“He laid me down and started to unbutton my blouse. He touched me underneath my blouse, on my chest, as well as on top,” she told the jury.
“He said there was a spirit that didn’t want to let go of me but God would help.”
When she pushed Rev Wilson away he claimed it was the demon inside rejecting him.

Liberty pentecostal

Rev Wilson and Peterson minister at the Liberty Pentecostal Church, Sunderland Street, Keighley.

Rev Wilson, of Shann Avenue, Keighley, denies 25 counts of sexual assault, two rapes and four offences of conspiracy to commit indecent assault.
Peterson, of Eric Street, Keighley, denies three counts of aiding and abetting Rev Wilson commit sexual assault and three counts of conspiracy to commit indecent assault.
Rev Wilson’s wife Mary, 79, who lives at the same address as her husband, is pleading not guilty to conspiring with him to commit sexual assault and also two counts of aiding and abetting him with a further two indecent assaults.
The alleged crimes took place between 1980 and 2010.
The trial continues.

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