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A six day police crackdown on criminals has resulted in 24 arrests.
Officers targeted suspects in Keighley, Haworth, Silsden and Ilkley after locals’ concerns of anti social behaviour.
During the six blitz officers made arrests for offences of burglary, robbery, drugs, theft and assault, as well as car crime.
Out of the two dozen arrests two have been remanded for a total of 18 weeks in prison, and nine have been charged.
Officers concentrated on areas raised by locals in relation to drug taking and dealing and as a result have arrested four males and recovered more than 250 wraps of Class As. All have been bailed pending further investigation.
A vehicle was also seized in relation to these offences.
A warrant was executed on Skipton Road, Keighley, with a quantity of Class C drugs found.
Drivers of vehicles with defects have been targeted and reported to court for a number of offences.
A stolen bike was located in Devonshire Park and enquiries are ongoing to identify the owner.
A Keighley police spokesperson said:”This week has seen officers disrupt criminals and remove drugs from the streets. We have gone through doors and pulled people out of lofts hiding.
“Officers are committed to listening to the community and their concerns and will tackle criminality head on.
“Please continue to report any suspicious activity, antisocial behaviour, criminal offences including drugs to the police direct, through your Ward officers or Crimestoppers.
“These days of action are in addition to our local officers who are out there 24/7 working Keighey and surrounding areas.”

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