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Bradford magsA drunken mother tumbled to her death from a third-floor window, an inquest heard.
Lorraine Pears, 43, suffered a traumatic head injury in the fall after drinking the equivalent of seven pints of beer.

She was found dying on the cobbles in front of her home in Parkwood Street, in the early hours of 6th November, last year, by her neighbour Caroline Clarke.
Bradford Coroner’s Court was told that Caroline was awoken at 2.30am and heard Lorraine moaning and asking for help.
She dashed into the street and covered her neighbour with blankets and called for an ambulance.
Despite the best efforts of medical staff Lorraine was declared dead in A&E at Airedale Hospital.
PC Dolphin was on the scene within minutes of the 999 call.
She told the inquest that Lorraine, who was laid face down, was still breathing when she arrived.
PC Dolphin looked up and saw an attic window open.
When she went inside she found the window sill was just at knee height, making it easy to topple over.
An empty bottle of vodka was found in the bedroom.
Lorrane's children had been with her former partner at the time, the inquest heard.
Assistant Coroner David Urpeth recorded that Lorraine died by accident.

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