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Keighley Town Hall Square has received the top award in the Yorkshire In Bloom competition.
The stunningly colourful displays scooped ‘Platinum’ in the Open Spaces category.A discretionary award has also been received for the war memorial.
The gardening gong was presented this afternoon at a ceremony at York Racecourse.

A Keighley Town Council spokesperson said:”The judges passed some positive comments on the overall impression stating that the square is a bright, flowery oasis in the heart of Keighley and which is clearly appreciated by the people of the Town.
“They were impressed to hear that the square has also welcomed visitors from around the world and it is something Keighley should definitely be proud of.
“Comments were also passed at the use of layers of beeswax to protect the bronze statues which showed the level of care given to the memorial and the careful maintenance of the overall square.

“Well done to everyone involved and to the people of Keighley for having a beautiful memorial garden and square, which we should all be proud of.”

The flowerbeds are  designed and layed out by local gardener Steve Thorpe, who is pictured above.

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