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airedale nhsDoctors at Airedale Hospital are asking people to use alternatives to A&E tomorrow on due to important scheduled maintenance work on the IT system.
There will be a site-wide network outage on Saturday 28 October for approximately 6 hours, which will affect the connection to internal and external systems as well as internet access, and public Wi-Fi.Whilst this will not affect the standard of care and treatment, it may cause delays.
Dr Paul Jennings, Clinical Director and Consultant in Emergency Medicine says. “We’re asking all patients to think carefully before coming to A&E.  Members of the public can really help by making sure that if they do choose to come to A&E for treatment, that it is the best place for them to go to get the right care, as soon as possible. 
“Our Emergency Department is for accidents and emergencies only, such as severe chest pain, difficulty breathing, significant head injuries and broken bones. 
“Using an alternative to A&E when you aren’t seriously ill, such as calling NHS 111, seeing your GP or visiting your community pharmacist, could mean that you end up waiting less time to receive care.”

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