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Kids as young as 14 were caught dealing drug on Keighley’s streets in a police crackdown.

Twenty males have been jailed for nearly 70 years following an operation targeting the supply of Class A drugs in the town.Officers from the local neighbourhood team worked with specialist resources at West Yorkshire Police to carry out a series of arrests of those suspected of supplying drugs to people in the town in Operation Saucerlake.
On one day of Saucerlake activity more than £10,000 of drugs were recovered in more than 800 street deals. Mobile phones, cash and drugs paraphernalia were also taken away for further analysis.
Imran Hussain, aged 27 and Akaf Hussain, aged 31, both of Malsis Road, Keighley were the last two charged under the operation to be sentenced.
Both men appeared at Bradford Crown Court yesterday and were jailed for four years and two months and three years and four months respectively.
Operation Saucerlake was launched last January after incoming neighbourhood team Inspector Khalid Khan spoke to local people about their concerns.
Inspector Khan, said:“It was clear from my discussions with the people of Keighley that there was a lot of concern about the supply of drugs in the town.
“Following enquiries we were able to identify suspects and then work with other colleagues at West Yorkshire Police to develop an arrest operation.
“This saw numerous raids on addresses across the Keighley area and beyond which recovered various quantities of Class A and B drugs, cash, mobile phones and other items of interest for further investigation.
“As the investigation developed a number of other suspects emerged and these were duly identified and dealt with.”
In total thirty one males were charged under the operation, with ages ranging from 14 to 45.
Speaking after the final sentences had been passed, Insp Khan said:
“We would like to thank the communities of Keighley for their support of Operation Saucerlake, which we believe has impacted on the supply of illegal drugs in the town.
“Illegal drugs will not be tolerated in Keighley and I hope this operation and its results demonstrate that we do take these concerns very seriously.
“We hope it will also serve as a warning to others involved in the supply of drugs that we will act on any information we receive to identify you, arrest you and do everything we can to bring you before the courts.”

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