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Cullingworth coop

Raiders destroyed the front of Cullingworth Coop as they attempted to steal a cash machine.
A bang was heard by residents after midnight when the gang struck.

Detectives are appealing for information following the commercial burglary at the Co-op, in Greenside Road.

It is thought the offenders were targeting an ATM cash machine at the location after a number of witnesses described hearing reports of a minor explosion at the location around 00:31am.

The suspects are then believed to have made off in a vehicle.

Greenside Lane, Halifax Road and Dellside Road were closed overnight while officers carried out their enquiries. Those roads have now reopened.

Detective Inspector McNamara, of Bradford District CID, said: “Extensive Police enquiries are continuing this morning and I would like to re-assure the local community that I have a dedicated team of detectives working on this”.

“Luckily no-one was hurt in this incident, but the actions of those responsible could quite easily have caused serious injury or death. There is damage to part of the building which resulted in a number of roads being closed overnight and the retail premises remains closed.

“A number of witnesses have come forward and I wish to thank the public for support with our investigation. We have a number of lines of enquiry that we are following up this morning.

“Neighbourhood Policing Team officers are also in the area to offer support and re-assurance to the local community.

“I would urge anyone who may have seen any suspicious activity or indeed suspicious persons in the area prior to or at the time of the incident, or anyone who has any information in relation to this matter to contact West Yorkshire Police.”

A Co-op Spokesperson said: “We can confirm that there was an incident involving an attack on an ATM at our Co-op store on Green Lane in Cullingworth in the very early hours of Friday morning (10 November).

"Fortunately no one was present at the time but the store is closed whilst Police investigate this matter and we assess the damage caused.

"We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience and would ask anyone with information to come forward to the Police. We hope to have the store open again very soon.”

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