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Gill LambertA local poet has had her first book of verse published.
‘Uninvited Guests’, by Gill Lambert, 50, of Steeton, is printed by Indigo Dreams Publishing Ltd.

Gill is a teacher and runs the “Shaken in Sheeptown” poetry night in Skipton and comperes at Word Club in Leeds. 

She has been published in The Interpreter’s House , by Indigo Dreams, Beautiful Dragons, Paper Swans Press and Half Moon Press; and on-line by The Fat Damsel, Clear Poetry, and Poetry Space.
She won the 2016 Ilkley Literature Festival Open mic competition and was commended in the Mother’s Milk Pamphlet Competition 2016.

‘Uninvited Guests’ is a pamphlet of poems inspired by ephemeral, unbidden muses; an overheard sentence, a TV programme or the name of an ex.
Gill said:”They are emotions, or the occasional ghost, real or imagined. They can be as welcome as the kiss of a lover or as unwanted as thoughts which cram into a wakeful head in the early hours.”


Gill uninvited  

Uninvited Guests
I sat until the light went, reading
other people’s poetry and trying
to make some sense out of my own.
Eventually I raised my head
to pink clouds and a black stain
of nameless birds moving
over the spring sky, perhaps
coming home in answer
to a change in the air.
I’ve had an hour of near
silence, but now muffled squawks
of neighbours’ voices pushing
through walls remind me
of my own family’s needs.
For a while, nothing else matters
but who wants carrots?
and reuniting odd socks with their siblings.
Later I’ll look at the few words
I’ve written and rescue my fragile
eggs of thought, smothered
by fat cuckoos in a nest of meaning.

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