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A three car smash blocked off part of Cavendish Street this evening.
Paramedics took two people to hospital with back injuries after firefighters freed them from their vehicle.

The accident happened shortly after 4.30pm at the Sainsbury’s junction and resulted in one car mounting the pavement, another stranded side-on between both carriageways and a Suzuki Swift suffering a minor rear end bump at the lights at the bottom of Cavendish Street.

The driver of a black Vauxhall Astra VXR - which ploughed into the Victoria Hotel - claimed a red car, which had caused the smash, made off after pulling out of the Sainsbury’s junction.
Fire appliances from Bingley and Keighley attended the scene along with a first response vehicle and ambulance. Police failed to attend for as much as 20 minutes as they were overstretched.
The driver of a black Suzuki was unharmed, but the driver and passenger of a silver Toyota suffered back injuries. One had to be stretchered to a waiting ambulance.

Cavendish crash
Speaking beside the wreckage of his Astra, the driver stated:”I was coming down Cavendish Street and the driver of a red car pulled out from Sainsbury’s into my path. I had to swerve to avoid him.
“He drove off.”

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