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stuart meikleBingley athlete Stuart Meikle has been accepted onto the British Paratriathlon Talent Squad to compete for a place with Team GB at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Having only run his first 10k on a blade in July 2017, Stuart made incredible progression over a short period of time and began training for triathlons in September 2017.

Shortly after that, he was invited to a trail by British Paratriathlon, in Loughborough, and in February 2018 was accepted onto the Talent Squad.

Stuart is taking part in British Triathlon's Paratriathlon Talent camp at Loughborough University this weekend, in which he will work closely with the Paralympic Talent Development team to devise a programme that will help to develop Stuart as a triathlete and his chance of future success.

Stuart Meikle said: "I've never let my disability stop me from achieving my goals; I played numerous sports as a child and when I got older I got into coaching both rugby and football. I've always been a keen mountain biker but only really saw it as a hobby.

"My kids are great runners and run for a local club with my wife and that's where my journey into competitive sports began. I supported my family at the Great North Run 2016 and got to see incredible athletes like Mo Farah, but I was most inspired by the runners at the back - the ones that were struggling but through the support of those around them still managed to complete the race."

"I decided to go to my local prosthetic hospital to speak to them about a blade, with the initial aim of completing the Great North Run in 2017. I began training and took part in a number of local 10Ks; it was then that I was approached about taking part in a paratriathlon."

"I'm absolutely astounded that I could have got this far so quickly, and I'm delighted to have been accepted onto the Talent Squad. My family have been my inspiration throughout and I'm just so thankful for their support. I can't wait for the Championships in July - it's going to take a lot of hard work and training but I'm so excited to start my journey as part of the British Paratriathlon Squad and start winning some medals."

Stuart's first competition as part of the British Paratriathlon Talent Squad will be at the British Paratriathlon Championships in July 2018.

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