Chris MellingKeighley pool star Chris Melling has set the Internet alight with an amazing clearance.

The 38-year-old former lorry driver pulled off three of the most remarkably skilful shots pool fans have ever seen - and ALL in the same frame.

Chris lived up to his nickname ‘The Magician’ at World Pool Series at Steinway Billiards in Queens, New York, by conjuring up the miracle on the baize.
And Chris has called that series of shots:”The greatest clearance of my life.”

The clearance has to be seen to be believed, so please click on the link below to appreciate the feat Chris achieved.

Chris is recognised as one of the more talented and entertaining players on the pro circuit; daring, fast, creative and downright clever.
And on Thursday night on day 2 of the third leg of the World Pool Series Chris took his on-table tricks to new and rarefied heights that has sent the pool world, especially online, into a tizzy.
Words may fail to aptly describe the stunt that Chris pulled off in front of a live audience of over 50,000 viewing on social media giant Unilad. Since then the break has been views millions of times around the globe.
Chris was playing the great Mika Immonen in a race to 9, do-or-die match to see who would go through to the final 16 of the Ryo Rack Classic Championship.
It was rack three with the score tied 1-1, and Chris had the solids but was faced with a difficult table and no obvious answers for an easy clear.
Then came three shots that will surely make the rack “must see TV” for years to come.
Chris said afterwards: “I think I hit three of the greatest shots. I was in a bit of trouble and wasn’t sure what to do.
“I knew if I didn't play kind of a safety and attacking shot I was in trouble.”
He then played a superbly intricate cannon shot, a mesmerising swerve and then a logic-defying pot, which left the American pundits dumbfounded.

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