A postman who stole more than 16,000 letters and parcels faces jail.

Frederick Blake, 25, took the packages from the Royal Mail sorting offices in Skipton and Bradford over six months.

Skipton Magistrates’ Court heard Blake, formerly of Barden Road, Eastby, but now living in The Square, East Morton, had been a postman, but had been promoted to the position of assistant delivery manager during the period of his offending.

Blake pleaded guilty to four counts of theft from the Royal Mail between 20 February and 28 August, last year.

Miss Ayesha Smart, prosecuting on behalf of the Royal Mail, said the 16,259 taken by Blake had been kept by him for at least a year and their theft constituted a ‘significant breach of trust.’

Magistrates agreed the crime was too serious for Blake to be sentenced at the lower court and committed the case to Bradford Crown Court where a jail term of more than six months can be imposed.

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