Bradford's Sunbridgewells underground complex will be putting on quite a show for their grand opening attended by Princess Anne.
The subterranean hub will be closed to the public for the Princess Royal's visit, but her celebratory reception will continue throughout the day - so the good people of West Yorkshire can join in and bag themselves a bargain while they're at it.
On Wednesday June 28, the £1.9m development of swanky bars and beautiful boutiques will be a buzz of excitement, with live entertainment and market stalls from local businesses showcasing exclusive offers.Resident traders and local firms will be offering a great giveaway of free samples of local produce and one-off discounts in pop-up stores that will line the unique Victorian tunnels.
The venue, off Centenary Square below Sunbridge Road, Upper Millergate and Ivegate, will be open to the public from 2pm to 7pm to allow everyone the chance to follow in the princess' footsteps.
Princess Anne will arrive at the tunnels at around 12.15pm, where she will be given a guided tour of the quirky complex, and unveil a much coveted royal plaque.
Developer Graham Hall said: "We are hoping everyone will get the chance to drop in, from students coming along during the day, to families nipping after school and others coming when they finish work - to see what's going on here.
"We have had 200,000 people through our doors since it opened in December, but we are hoping that by making it official we will greet even more.
"If anybody hasn't been along so far, that day would be a perfect choice to see it in all its glory. And if you have been along, make sure to join us for our much anticipated opening.
"This complex has been 10 years in the making, but it has certainly been worth the wait."
The new venture is a feast for the eyes as it has seen a dark network of underground tunnels, which has been a 13th century quarry, jail cells and a nightclub, transformed into - as their caption states - "a world of pure imagination".

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