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Jessica MayhoA Team GB hammer thrower has revealed how she stood up for herself after being attacked by a body-shaming bully at Leeds Train Station.

Jessica Mayho, 24, was shoved and verbally abused for her physique by the man on Friday afternoon.

The athlete, from Cononley, who works at the University of Leeds, said she was pushed and criticised for having a ‘big body’.
But Jessica, who is bidding to compete for Team GB at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, stood up to the lout - while other passengers just stood and ignored her.

She tweeted: "4.50pm - Leeds Train Station Platform.
"Man pushes me and verbally abuses me about my 'big body'.
"Stood up for myself whilst the rest of the busy platform avoided eye contact.
"People like this can scare you and also knock self confidence but this is MY body MY machine!"

Jessica competed for England last year and has a personal best distance of 63.05m for the 4kg hammer.
She won a silver at this year’s Muller British Athletic Championships despite undergoing surgery last August and a gruelling 22-week rehabilitation regime.
The athlete was backed by fellow tweeters.

Paratriathlete gold medalist Andy Lewis MBE tweeted: "Big body!!!! Was he drunk or visually impaired? What a fool, nothing wrong with you Jess.
"Don’t let one small minded idiot have any of your time."
One woman tweeted: "What a horrible man! How far could you have thrown him?!"
Tom Clough tweeted: "It can knock your confidence hearing something like but look at what you have achieved and what this 'man' probably never will. Good on you."

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