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Search parties are trying to find a walker who has been missing for four days in the Yorkshire Dales.

North Yorkshire Police are appealing for information to assist them locate Kathryn Summersgill.

The 62-year-old was last seen leaving her Renault Clio in Buckden car park at 9.25am on Friday 18 November where its believed she intended to go walking in the local area.

She was reported missing on Monday 21 November 2016 by friends.

Kathryn recently moved into the local area from Worcester and she also has links with the Ilkley area of West Yorkshire.

It’s understood that Kathryn is a keen walker and is known to visit the Yorkshire Dales regularly, so has a good knowledge of the local area.

However with the recent weather and temperatures, police are becoming increasing concerned for her safety.

Kathryn is known to walk three main routes from Buckden:

Buckden-Cray Gill- Yockenthwaite – Lamgstrothdale- Buckden

Buckden- Redmire Woods- along river Wharfe to Starbottom – Buckden

Buckden – through Rakes Wood to the lead mine at Buckden Ghyll – Starbottom – Buckden

Police are currently running searches in these areas and are appealing to local residents or other walkers who may have been in these areas on Friday or over the weekend, who may have seen Kathryn walking alone, to contact them on 101 and speak to the Force Control Room. Please quote incident number 12160211085.

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